10 Minute Workout - The Full Body Blaster

Set the alarm and get moving in the morning with this 10-minute workout.

A perfect way to get your heart rate pumping before your morning coffee and shower.

The full body blaster

Complete 2 rounds, 45 seconds of each exercise with a 1-minute rest between rounds. All you need: resistance band of medium strength, towel or yoga mat. 

  1. Walk out and reach: Start in a standing position, feet hip width apart. Fold over your body and reach towards your toes. Walk your hands away from your body into a plank position. Reach your left arm out in front, bring it back and alternate to your right arm. Once back in the plank position walk your hands back to your feet and repeat until timer goes off.

  2. Resistance band curls: Place the resistance band under your feet in a hip width distance standing position. Put one end of the band into each of your hands and then with your elbows at your sides in a 90-degree angle, pull the band towards your shoulders, lower slowly and repeat with control. Aim for slow and controlled repetitions not speedy ones.

  3. Abdominal leg lowers: Start by lying flat on your mat with both hands by your sides and a flat back. Keeping your head down on the mat left both legs together into the air and then slowly lower your heels down to tap the mat with legs straight, engaging the abdominal muscles. Repeat.

  4. Triceps Dips: Sitting on the mat, place feet flat onto the mat and arms straight behind you (in line with your feet) raise the hips and bend at the elbow as you lower. The aim is not to use your hips; focus on using the triceps (back of the arm) for this one. Push the floor away from you as you rise.

  5. Prisoner Squats: Place your hands behind your head, elbows directed outwards. With the feet wider than the hips, toes and knees facing outwards, sit back into a squat, imagining there is a chair behind you, squeeze your glutes as you rise up and repeat.

  6. Lunges Note: If you have a knee injury, only do the reverse style. Begin with both feet together, hands on your hips for balance, step one-foot forwards and bend both the front and back knees to 90 degrees. Step the feet back together and repeat on the other side. For reverse Lunges, step backwards instead of forwards as this reduces the pressure on the kneecaps.