1 Minute A Day To Change Your Perspective

Are things not going to plan today? Are you tired, frustrated, and waiting for the day or week to end? Don't worry, we have all been there!

We’re here to give you some quick and simple, one-minute exercises to help pick you up and get you back on track.

These little practices can help you step out of the negative-perspective vortex and see things in a new light. Their effectiveness lies in helping you connect, create space and pivot towards positivity.

1 minute of square breathing

If you need to destress and get out of fight-or-flight mode, square breathing can do the trick. The square is a visual for four simple steps to mindful breathing.

First, you inhale for a slow count of four. Then hold for a slow count of four. Exhale for a slow count of four. Finally, allow another count of four before breathing in again. Visualise moving around a square as you do this, to help you stay focused.

1 minute sense perception

Being in the present moment is a fantastic way to let go of worries and emotions. And a handy way of staying present is to experience where you are through your senses.

For example, close your eyes and listen to the environment around you. Can you hear your breath, sounds coming through a window, or noises from those working and speaking around you? Experience this minute through the sense of sound. After you finish, take notice of how present you felt during the experience.

1 minute stretch

Emotions can influence our posture and how we feel in our bodies. So, stretch your arms over your head, roll your neck around, and touch your toes. Use this minute to release pent up tension in your muscles so you can start fresh.

1 minute of gratitude

The champion of all positive emotions—in our humble opinion—is gratitude. What a great way to shift into a positive gear! Take a minute to feel grateful for what you have today: a job, your relationships, clothing, food, and much more.

1 minute for reflection

Replace reactivity with consideration. Take a minute to assess your day. Ask yourself: how am I feeling and why? What’s going on today, and how do I want my day/mood to change? What can I do to make this happen?

Now, you can decide how you want the rest of your day to go/how you want to feel, and act accordingly.

1 minute doodle

It may sound silly, but some feel doodling is an effective way to unwind. Grab a sticky note and a pen and take a moment to draw whatever comes out. If this is your thing, you’ll probably notice that it’s a handy way to shift your focus for a moment—and maybe that’s long enough to make a difference!

There are many simple and quick methods to help shift your perspective about any given situation or day. Try one of these or any others that come naturally and see how it can improve your mood on those off-days.