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Wellbeing Solutions

Our Wellbeing Solutions information pack contains:

  • a comprehensive guide to our full suite of wellbeing solutions; and
  • some of our key findings on the overwhelming benefits of investing in wellbeing
Wellbeing Solutions - brochure by Workscore

Health Coaching

Our trained health coaches will guide, support and teach employees to adopt healthy habits and set goals to significantly improve their wellbeing and performance at work.

Empower your employees with the knowledge and insights for long term wellbeing.

Nutrition Advice

Employees will learn how to fuel their body for energy, focus, improved mood and overall wellbeing. From fun cooking and juicing demonstrations to nutritional therapy, we have all bases covered.

  • Onsite nutrition consults (30mins/1hr) full day or half day bookings
  • Lunch & learn onsite group sessions, such as ‘Healthy Lunchbox sessions, Healthy swaps, Family meals, Mindful eating
  • Cooking & Juicing demonstrations to include take away recipe cards

Leadership Training

Our training teaches leaders to make a positive difference to the wellbeing of employees, support them through the demands of work life and increase engagement and performance.

Our courses include:

  • Stress recognition and resilience
  • Mindful leadership
  • Being a well leader
  • Work-life balance workshops

Workplace Wellbeing

Our wellbeing experts overhaul your workplace and teach you the importance of workplace wellbeing. We transform your site from sedentary to moving and unhealthy to healthy. Based on the needs of your employees and your site this tailored program identifies gaps and develops a cost-effective plan to improve employee wellbeing.

All workplace wellbeing programs include an onsite launch and ongoing health communications (printed or digital) to engage with your employees.

Mindfullness & Mental Health

From mindful leadership to mindful meditation classes we bring the principles of mindfulness to your workplace. Employees will learn how to be present, focused and the tools to reduce stress.

Mental health training helps employees to recognise the signs of poor mental health, provides self - care tips and the skills to support colleagues.

Fitness Classes

We have a wide range of fitness options to suit the needs of your employees, from bootcamp, pilates, yoga, desk yoga, stretching, 1:1 personal training to fitness challenges we will have your staff up and moving in no time!

Measure the wellbeing of your people and act on real-time feedback with WorkScore.