4 Simple Steps

Workscore Process

Measure the wellbeing of your people

Analyse the results

Improve your wellbeing culture

Monitor your progress

Measure the wellbeing of your people

We measure the ongoing wellbeing of your people against five key elements using the WorkScore survey, weekly check-ins and wellbeing goals success.

Determine which wellbeing solutions suit your business needs based on your wellbeing results.

The result: targeted wellbeing and engagement programs, with accurate measurement of the results.






Analyse the results

Workscore - Analyse the Results

Results are presented in real-time on your company’s personalised dashboard.

See employee comments, detailed reporting and compare your score with other companies.

Directly correlate other measures of productivity, such as absenteeism, with employee health to highlight target areas and boost business performance.

Improve your wellbeing culture

WorkScore partners with you to identify focus areas and provide a bespoke wellbeing program to boost employee engagement and productivity.

  • Monthly personalised scorecard to drill down on wellbeing focus areas
  • Receive resources and advice from our WellHub experts
  • Target your resources and improve your organisation’s overall wellbeing

Monitor your progress

Workscore - Monitor your Progress

Your company dashboard will continue to populate real-time data and employee feedback.

Our method means that your wellbeing results continually evolve as your employees implement positive changes and disrupt old habits.

  • Regular check-ins, goals progress and feedback
  • Track progress of wellbeing initiatives
  • Calculate the return on investment of your wellbeing strategy

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