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Measuring the key elements of wellness

Wellness is the state of being in good health in all aspects of our lives. WorkScore measures the key elements on a week by week basis, which accurately reflects employees' everchanging wellbeing.

Icon track improvements
Track improvements and in-depth reporting

WorkScore delivers real time insights to your corporate dashboard, keeping you abreast of improvements and changes in your WorkScore. Whilst Indepth reporting is your ‘access all areas’ to the health of your business and its people.

Icon compare your score
Compare your score and be inspired

WorkScore compares your score against companies across the globe, so you can understand how the health of your business compares to the best. Personalised content on your corporate dashboard delivers best practice ideas to transform your culture.

Icon gain deep insight
Gain deep insights from your people

Instantaneous, unfiltered feedback will help you establish a culture of wellness and place you at the forefront of becoming a best employer.

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Why our customers use WorkScore

Icon immediate insights

Immediate Insights

Get a real-time pulse of what your people are thinking, feeling and experiencing.

Icon boost productivity

Boost productivity

Healthy people are more productive at work and WorkScore drives business performance by highlighting key areas of employee health.

Icon reduce absenteeism

Reduce absenteeism

Directly correlate your absenteeism trends with your WorkScore results. Now you have a tool that contributes to the bottom line.

Icon work health support

Work-Health Support

Offer a solution for your people to, confidentially, ‘reach out’ for support when faced with mental health challenges.

Icon improve workplace culture

Improve workplace culture

WorkScore will foster a culture of open communication, a focus on wellness and promote healthy living.

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