Our Mission

At WorkScore, our mission is to empower every workplace to prioritise overall wellbeing, inspire employees to lead healthier lives and create thriving workplaces.

We believe that people are the core of any business and by providing key insights into employee wellbeing, employers can provide targeted wellbeing and engagement programs, with accurate measurement of the results and a greater return on investment.

Our Team

We are a team of experienced wellness and organisational experts, mental health experts, data scientists, researchers and digital professionals who all understand the connection between employee wellbeing and organisational culture and performance.

Suzanne Deeming, Managing Director & Wellbeing Expert at Workscore

Suzanne Deeming
Managing Director & Wellbeing Expert

Ashley Rowe, Client Manager for Workscore

Ashley Rowe
Client Manager

Jessica Jarvis, Psychologist - MindHub

Jessica Jarvis
Psychologist - MindHub

Amaya Tasker, Counsellor - MindHub

Amaya Tasker
Counsellor - MindHub

Katelin Addison, User Experience Designer at Workscore

Katelin Addison
User Experience Designer

Melanie Penny, Fitness & Health Expert with Workscore

Melanie Penny
Fitness & Health Expert

Grant Feng, Data Scientist at Workscore

Grant Feng
Data Scientist

Annelysee Jorgenson, Lead Researcher at Workscore

Annelysee Jorgenson
Lead Researcher

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