About Us

WorkScore is an Australian technology and wellbeing business focused on making healthier and more productive workplaces by utilising real-time employee health data.

We believe that people are the core of any business and the most important asset within an organisation. Learning more about how the working environment impacts health will provide deep insights to employers across all industries.

It is our vision for WorkScore to become the leading indicator of business performance across the globe.

Our Founders

Suzanne headshot

Suzanne Deeming
CEO and Co-founder

Suzanne brings over 10 years of Senior Management experience to her role at WorkScore, gained from working in large financial institutions(including one of the big four banks) and local government. More recently Suzanne has studied across multiple wellness modalities including mental wellbeing, nutrition and movement in a bid to increase personal and workplace wellbeing.

A big believer in employee engagement as a key driver in performance, yet disappointed with annual engagement surveys(too often where companies introduce a perk for elevated scores) that fail to truly reflect staff engagement and do not measure the impact of work on health. Suzanne has cofounded WorkScore for real-time employee feedback on the key elements of wellness; body, mindset, fuel, fitness and work.

Recognising that the demands of modern life; double incomes, longer working hours, an ageing workforce and shortage of childcare leave little time for people to prioritise their health and wellbeing. Suzanne believes that businesses will greatly benefit from a culture of wellness and open communication in this area.

Jeff headshot

Jeff McLean
Co-founder and Technology Investor

Jeff has spent the last 15 yeas as an executive of ASX-listed high growth businesses, such as CreditCorp, Flexigroup and Eclipx, whilst also investing in start-ups. In his current role as Chief Operating Officer of the $1Bn Eclipx Group, Jeff has both led and influenced the performance of large teams across the portfolio and companies and digital assets that Eclipx owns: Carloans.com.au, Performancedrive.com.au, Fleetpartners, Fleetplus, Fleetchouce, Eclipx Commercial & Right2Drive and 1800accident.com.au.

In his prior role as COO of Flexigroup, Jeff and his executive colleagues were accredited as a 'Best Employer' and also won Australia's best contact centre. In both examples, incorporating health, wellness and flexibility into the workplace were paramount to their success. Jeff holds early investments in technology start-ups such as Prospa.com.au and Adviserratings.com.au, and continues to play & coach AFL whilst balancing his family life and executive role at Eclipx.

He believes that Suzanne & the WorkScore solution will disrupt the tired and outdated engagement and WHS sectors by providing an intuitive, fun, sustainable and employee led solution.

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