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Get real time data insights on employee wellbeing.

  • Track wellbeing across teams, departments, ages and genders.
  • Receive and respond to feedback from employees.
  • View engagement, goals and wellbeing progress.
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Key wellbeing elements

Workscore Work


Are you thriving or surviving at work? We measure the impact your job is having on your health and wellbeing by exploring your levels of fulfilment, relationships, sitting time and flexibility at work.

Workscore Body


Having a healthy functioning body, adequate sleep and energy for everyday tasks is vital for your wellbeing and influences all of the other elements.

Workscore Fuel


Put what you digest to the test and understand how your diet measures up to the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Are you eating the right foods to fuel your body and keep up with the demands of life?

Workscore Fitness


Regular movement is an important element of wellbeing and influences how you feel, what you eat, your energy and performance and overall health.

Workscore Mindset


This dynamic element to wellbeing covers the factors that influence your mindset: stress levels, relationships, self - esteem, happiness and the ability to cope with the pressures of life.

Employee Experience

Help your employees to live healthier and happier with WorkScore's wellbeing tracker and wellness coach.

  • Individual employee wellbeing results
  • Personalised Platform
  • Track wellbeing progress over time
  • Compare results using our interactive comparison tool
  • Weekly check-ins to track progress
  • Set goals to improve wellbeing results
  • Daily tips to motivate and inspire employees
  • Employees can provide regular feedback
  • Access to 1000+ wellness articles and videos
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Our customer feedback

Photo of Business Manager who gave WorkScore positive Feedback

"Thanks to the WorkScore team, the website is great and the personalised dashboard is an excellent way for individuals to check-in on their health status!"-Business Manager, Call Centre.

Photo of Carol at Queensland Health who gave WorkScore positive Feedback

"This site is so good, has helped me in a lot of places in my health and wellbeing. And I love getting the weekly emails to check my progress. All the recipes are amazing." -Carol, Queensland Health

Photo of HR Manager who gave WorkScore positive Feedback

"Thank you for support witht the roll our of WorkScore to our team. Our people have responded with enthusiasm (1300 comments already!), they have loved the launch activities and it's been a big success."-HR Manager, Financial Institution

Support Employee Mental Health

Content and advice at your finger tips

The MindHub platform is a great alternative to traditional costly EAP services:

  • Confidential counselling available.
  • Online mental health and self-help tools.
  • Coping strategies for difficult life events.
Mindhub Mental Health Workplace Support

Discover your ROI with our wellbeing investment tool

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